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Advanced Search Help

This search allows you to build up criteria in order to perform a very specific search.

You can search on the contents of only one box, or you can build up your search criteria using several boxes. If you are using more than one box, use the small 'and, or' radio buttons to tell the database how you want it to search. For example, adding "JK. Rowling" to the Author box, choosing 'and' followed by " Magic " in the Subject box will search for all records which contain the words JK Rowling in their Author and which also contain the word "Magic" in their Subject; the same text in both Author and Subject but separated by 'or' will search for all records containing "JK Rowling " in the Title field regardless of the contents of Subject and also all records containing the Subject string "Magic " regardless of the contents of Author. Searching using 'or' will therefore give you many more results than using 'and'.

Author Field

The name of the Author, enter a single word or a phrase.


use this box to search for subjects that are present on the database, for example if you put the word magic on the subject field, the result will be all titles with that subject.


use this box to search for specific title such as Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. the result will be all titles that have part or all of the string entered.

Publication Date

choose the publication date by selecting symbols such "=>" which means equal or greater than and then choose a date from the second drop down menu, for example 2008 , will give all titles published during the year 2008 and later

Material Typle

choose the material typel you are intereseted in, for example juvenile non-fiction, the resul will be all titles that are under that category

Item Location

Use this box to search for the locations where the titles are held.